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Prof before the move
Mike at the board in the W bldg. before the move to the V Building in the Autumn of 2007.
Photo by Blake Westman, 8-16-07
These are here because there is no other place for them on this site.
They were first seen on the "News & Comment" page.

"I just wanted to reach out to you again to thank you for all the time and effort that you put into the Mech 10 class.  Even though I had taken similar classes nearly 30 years ago it was quite refreshing and enjoyable to re-learn it with you.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Sierra College Mechatronics will not be the same without you teaching the Mech 10 class."
            Former student
            e-mail, 2018

"Thanks so much for your awesome class.  I loved the way you lay out your class and made it very straight forward.  Especially for someone that knows nothing about Science! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Holiday and thanks again!!"
            Former student
            e-mail, 2016

"This is ________ from your MECH 10 and 14 classes a couple semesters ago. I hope things are going well back at Sierra.  I thouroughly enjoyed both of your classes and learned a ton that has helped me gain an edge over most of the engineering students here at Chico State.  I look forward to hearing from you Mr. Robinson and thank you for being one of the best teachers I've ever had."
            Former student
            e-mail, 2013

Mike:  "I began taking electronics classes from Sierra back in 1976."
Student (serious tone):  "Wow, that was seven years before my mother was born."

            Ladyfriend of a Mech 10 student
            MECH 10 class, F., 17

"I just really wanted to thank you for our class.  I am going to try my hand at Mechatronics and I just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to try to succeed in this field if I can make it.  I think your Mech class has been the first class that I have taken that I really honestly enjoyed.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with my life until this class.  To build things, mess with all that nifty stuff really put that spark back in my life.  I am very glad to have been in your class and keep up the good work!"
Mech 1 student e-mail
            F., 2017

"Mike is a nice informative dude wit [sic] admirable patience and a heart that welcomes both humor and overall acceptance.  Aside from his different, albeit effective methods, his passion for the work sincerely shows in each lesson."
            Mech 1 teacher evaluation comment, 2016

"Basic 6th grade math is needed for this class.  There is very little homework and very little work in the class.  It's still not easy.  It requires your full attention if you're new to electronics.  ASK ALL QUESTIONS EVEN IF IT'S STUPID.  Form study groups the first week of class.  Doing your own light research will help you pass the class.  Discussions!"
            Mech 10 anonymous student survey

"I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you."
            T-shirt imprint, author unknown

"With any input, you get an output"
            MECH 10 Student, fall, 2014
            Describing the basic digital gate function

"Robinson's fantastic.  Clear lectures, lots of humor, always helpful, the whole nine yards.  It's clear that he wants his students to succeed both in the classroom and in pursuing their career.  MECH 10 moves at a fairly fast pace, but he makes sure that, if you pay attention and do the work, you'll understand the subject and pass the class."
            Mech 10 anonymous student survey

"After his first wife died he under goad [sic] a ruptured aneurysm of his abdominal aorta, and as a conclusion he died."
            Student report on a scientist
            MECH 1 term paper, 2014

Question on survey:  Hobbies?
Student answer:  "Watching paint dry and stareing at stars."
            CIE 30 student, c. 1989

"Professor engages with students at all times.  Always is willing to help with academic and personal questions. I have a ton of respect for mike and the knowledge he is passing on to his students.  My concern is not doing well bu overall experience so far was nothing but the best."
            Student evaluation comment from teacher evaluation, 2016

Question on lab sheet: "One thing you learned about DMMs."
Student answer: "The display will always show 0 if you don't turn the power on."

            MECH 1 student (summer, '07)

"Awesome Professor.  Very Laid back.  He is one of those professors that you could just have a casual conversation with and it would be awesome.  He Knows his stuff, Very intelligent Man.  I would any class (no matter the subject) as long as he was teaching.  He is a fair grader and loves to help you out.  Very Hands on."
            Mech 1 anonymous student survey

Question on new student survey: "What do you expect to learn in class?"
Student answer: "Yes."

            Sierra College Electronics class survey

"Is exuberant and loves the things he teaches.  He knows the files, and what we are going through and need as students.  He's fun, but focused and encourages learning and not just trying to get knowledge into our heads for tests.  He also does a lot of teaching in between subject material that will help us in the field, at college and in life in general.  A+"
Student evaluation comment from teacher evaluation, 2013

"The new hybrid cars are very ugly but very arrow dynamic."
            Student report on hybrid vehicles
            MECH 1 term paper, 2014

"If I keep my eyes closed during lab, will I still need to go out and buy safety glasses?"
MECH 10 student (Fall, 2010)
            on the day safety glasses were required

Question on new student survey: "Anything else you would like me to know about yourself?"
Student answer: "I am interested in electronics a great deal, but I get up at 4:00 o'clock a.m. for work -- so I am tired in class at night."
CIE 10 student, c. 1986

"I don't know what it does, but I knew I had to move it."
            MECH 14 student (Spring, 2011)
            Laying out PC Board

Question on survey:  Why did you take this class?
Student answer:  "To become president of IBM or conquer the universe...they're pretty much the same."

            CIE 30 student, c. 1989

"I came into this class because it was a requirement for my major, but I am really glad that I took it.  Being a musician, it helps a great deal when you know a little bit about your equipment.  Thanks to this class, I can read a spec sheet and understand it."
            CIE 10 Student Evaluation Comment

Question on new student survey: "What does a mechatronics technician do for a living?"
Student answer: "I knew an ex-friend taking mechatronics who got a job 'repairing' [deleted] but then he got fired."

            Sierra College Electronics class survey, 2011

Teacher:  "The Baghdad Battery was composed of an earthen-ware jar, two dissimilar metals and a liquid electrolyte.  The electrolyte may have been wine, vinegar, citrus juice or, maybe...I don't know... waste body fluid."
Student:  "Yes, waste body fluids would have worked.  I peed on an electric fence once and got a really bad shock.
            MECH 1 classroom exchange
            Spring, 2011

Question on survey:  Why did you take this class?
Student answer: "My wife made me do it."
CIE 10 student, c. 1986

"One of the greater teachers i've had a pleasure learning from.  Knows his stuff and how to use it in the REAL WORLD.  his only perk is as soon as the classes scheduled time allotment is over he is out of there."
            Mech 14 anonymous student survey

Teacher: “Nobody seems to know how the Baghdad Battery was used.  They have found no wires, no electroplating materials and really nothing that it could have powered.”
Student: “I know how they were used.”
Teacher: “How?”
Student (with a very serious tone): “Time travel.”

            MECH 1 verbal exchange
            Spring, 2011

"Mr. Robinson, what is the least I can do in this class and get an A?"
            Unidentified Student, MECH 1, spring, 2008

"Mike is a great Prof.  I really like how he explains things, with voices, screams, ping pong balls, etc… Keep it up!  I have no complaints."
Student evaluation comment from teacher evaluation, 2013

"Mike  There is nothing more realer [e-mail link] life to me used to be on pause but now . . . "
            Former student's e-mail, as written
            Spring, 2011

Question on survey:  Topics you would especially like covered."
Student answer: "The Hole Thing."
New CIE 10 student, c. 1986

"Great teacher!  Really a very nice guy, and knows his stuff!"
            Mech 1 anonymous student survey

"Thomas Edison was a young man when he was a boy."
            Text from term paper,
            CIE 1, summer, 2008

Lab question: "One thing you learned about DMMs."
Student answer: "They measure volts.  Smoke smells."

            MECH 1 student, lab answer sheet

"Great guy, great teacher!  Very laid back and entertaining."
            Mech 1 anonymous student survey

"Mike is the best instructor I've had since attending Sierra College, G. V."
CIE 10 Student Evaluation Comment

"He is very strict and stern and does not permit anyone except himself to have fun in class.  Wouldn't take him again, would recommend Mike Robinson."
            Student comparing teachers (if genuine)
            Rate My Professor website, 2011

"Oh, well, things die.  I didn't have children, so why should I save someone else's?"
            Student, passing out environmental leaflets on campus

"A cow-pie can indeed have a computer."
            "Yes, way."
            Classroom discussion,
            Mech 90

"This guy's simply amazing!  I had so much fun during the labs we did in this class and he goes over all the quizes and the final extensively so that you have no questions whatsoever.  Highly recommended!  By the way, if you need the textbook for this class, feel free to contact me for a great deal."
            Mech 1 anonymous student survey



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