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  MECH  1 
Optional Term Paper Preview due:  Oct. 22nd.
The Sources Approval Sheet and the term paper Topic Approval Sheet are past due.
Remember to keep your safety glasses handy.
  MECH 10

Visit the lab due-date page.
Safety glasses will be needed soon for the class project.


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No news.

The Mech Department Lab Technicians can be a valuable resource for teachers.  The best Lab Techs have my sincere thanks.

*The material on this page applies only to Mike Robinson's students and friends.  Some of the information may be opinion, not fact.  Although effort has been used to confirm facts/dates, always check with the official information sources (e.g., the school website/calendar).  Use the material at your own risk.

This is also my "commentary" page, on this site since Oct. '06.  Selected entries from the past may be found on the Archived Comments Page.  I pay for this site myself and place items here that are important to me both professionally and personally.  Personal stories are inspired by actual events and may be edited in my favor.  Reading the "comment" material is entirely optional and it contains more personal information; therefore, the language may be more explicit and reader discretion is advised.

"The grade you earn is the only one I can give you."
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"Every idiot can count to one."
Bob Widlar (1937 - 1991)
               Linear engineer on digital electronics

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