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School policy since May 11, 2009*, requires that all student e-mail be sent to me at the following address:

If the address image above isn't visible, it is: wRobinson "at" SierraCollege "dot" edu.

  • I can respond only to your offficial school e-mail address (account).
    • You received a student ID number, username and password when you were admitted to the school.
    • Go to the school website for further instructions on admission.  
    • Some log-in solutions (lost username/password, etc.) are HERE.

  • All subject lines should contain "MECH 1," or "MECH 10."  
    • E-mails without a subject line may not get answered (are automatically marked SPAM).  

  • Term papers will not be accepted electronically.
    • No word-processor files, e-mail attachments, faxes, PDFs, etc.
    • Submitting an assignment electronically does not make it meet the deadline or make it extend the deadline. 

  • Due to privacy issues, student's grades will NOT be sent by e-mail.

  • When school is in session, I try to check and respond to e-mails once a day, in the morning.  E-mails received later may not get a response for at least 24 hours.  Please be patient. 

  • When school is not in session (weekends and holidays), I check the mail less frequently.

  • During summer or winter break a response may not occur (or may take weeks).  During these breaks, I am not a school employee and I have no "reasonable expectation" of rehire and may not be rehired (even if my name is on the class schedule).  If I am not rehired, any response may never be forthcoming.

*E-mail from V.P. of Instruction dated August 27, 2009 states, in part, "Also, as a faculty member, you are to use your mySierra email to communicate with your students.  Should students contact you using any other email account, please let the student know that you’ll reply to their Sierra College issued email account."  Also referenced in the Instruction Office Update, May 5, 2009, as, "Beginning with the 2009 summer term on May 11, Sierra College-issued email accounts will become the official means of communication between and among faculty, staff and students."

By submitting ideas, suggestions, and/or documents to this site in any format, through any suggestion or submission mechanism, you acknowledge and agree that your submissions do not contain confidential or proprietary information, that this site's owners are not under any obligation of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to the submissions and that this site's owners shall be entitled to use or disclose such submissions for any purpose, in any way the site's owners choose and any where they choose.

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